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A community for Integrated Wellness in Miami, FL

The mission of Galen Hope is to
impact the lives of those who experience mental health conditions. We achieve this by providing attuned,
, and compassionate care in an environment that honors each person’s individual experiences and needs while simultaneously building a sense of
and belonging. Our goal is to build community and hope, while helping our clients discover their individual passions and manifest their innate potential.

We Treat

Galen Hope provides services for a wide range of diagnoses and related conditions, including:

  • Eating Disorders
  • ADHD and learning disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Dependent Personality Disorder
  • Mood Disorders
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Psychosis and Thought Disorders
  • Schizoid Personality Disorder

Galen Hope is also particularly suited to meet the developmental needs of emerging adults.

When struggling with a mental health condition, asking the right questions and deciding where to seek help can feel like an overwhelming challenge. With so many treatment programs available, choosing one that is reliable, trustworthy, and the most clinically appropriate for you is a critical decision in your path to recovery. At Galen Hope, we work with your unique circumstances to build a holistic treatment plan that is self-affirming and attuned to your needs while building on your strengths, addressing vulnerabilities, and being challenging when necessary.

we are dedicated to providing a sanctuary to those in need.

Our treatment methods are designed to be individualized and innovative and our clinical staff is prepared to guide you through this important stage and set you on a path of prosperity, vitality, and mental wellness. Galen Hope invites each person to heal in their own very special way.

About us

The Galen Hope experience is unique in that the treatment milieu is comprised of other clients, the staff, and the community at large. It is the synergy of these three components that creates the backdrop for the sound clinical services and strong behavioral supports and expectations that lead to an unlocking of the mental illness and the unfolding of the healing process.

Galen Hope founders Drs. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Amy Boyers share a philosophy of “leaving no stone unturned” and the ability to create an intimate and trusting bond with those they treat.

Our Programs

Due to the individualized and flexible nature of our programming for eating disorders and other mental health conditions, we can accommodate clients with a variety of needs and presentations. Whether your current symptoms are relatively new or you have been struggling with an issue for an extended period of time, we are prepared to adapt to your unique circumstances and create a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.


Our admission criteria are based on whether or not our treatment model will benefit a potential client. Galen Hope is not a “specialty” program; we treat a wide range of conditions and do not exclude anyone based on a single diagnosis. We believe a synergistic effect occurs when people bring their unique experiences and perspectives together that leads to new understanding and growth.



Individuals with mental health conditions deserve a treatment program that respects their individual dignity, sovereignty as a person, and allows one to live in the community amongst family members and peers, pursue employment opportunities, and thrive in educational institutions.


Individuals struggling with their mental health deserve to be treated in the least restrictive environment possible, and one that gives them the opportunity to find fulfillment, peace, and joy!

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