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The Galen Hope
is unique in that the treatment milieu is comprised of other clients, the staff, and the
at large. It is the synergy of these three components that creates the backdrop for the sound clinical services and strong behavioral supports and expectations that lead to an unlocking of the mental illness and the unfolding of the

Our treatment integrates the best concepts of residential programs, partial hospitalization programs, and community psychology in order to provide an experience that not only feels uniquely meaningful to the client, but also breaks the cycle of repeated hospitalizations, over-institutionalization, and isolation from community and family.

the pillars
of our




Social Responsibility


Galen Hope stands for community in more ways than one. In our “clubhouse,” we provide therapy services—including groups and individual sessions—where clients interact with their care partners, therapists, and fellow clients. It is in this togetherness that we hope to facilitate a community of individuals committed to well-being and recovery.

Additionally, all Galen Hope clients will receive services in the community. Our care partners will work with their clients in their homes or elsewhere (such as in a school environment or on location at activities that facilitate their therapeutic goals) to help clients achieve their maximum potential. So, while we create a sense of community inside our doors, we also seek to help our clients become a part of the community at large.

Building our community is treatment. Connection and being part of our community is as fundamental to care as are the more technical therapeutic activities associated with our services. Being part of a community—belonging to a connected group unified by a common purpose—is fundamental to our well-being.


As a client of Galen Hope, you will immediately be acknowledged as an individual whose story may not be represented by traditional diagnostic criteria. You may have had previous treatment experiences that left you feeling misunderstood or frustrated. At Galen Hope, we seek to fully understand your life experiences and to provide you with an environment where you feel acknowledged, accepted, and supported. All of our clinical services, while cutting edge and creative, are also designed to create cohesion and interaction among all those who attend and work at Galen Hope.

We find tremendous meaning in bringing you into our circle and helping you recognize the importance you play in our shared connection. Within our circle, you will discover that, although you come to us for help as our client, your presence and your essence brings something to us as well.


Human beings tend to fall into three categories when it comes to developing a sense of personal growth and meaning after experiencing adversity. Some individuals are worse off, others stay about the same as they were before the difficult experience, and some seem to grow emotionally, feeling that their adverse experience helped make a positive contribution to their lives. We know that establishing a connection to others, developing a greater awareness of the present, and finding a purpose in an experience can help foster this sense of positive growth.

Treatment at Galen Hope goes beyond just clinical interventions. Our work with clients focuses on developing the whole person and reintegrating them with the people, things, and places that help them to create a real life.

We each are born with what we can call “essence.” The essence of who we are drives our passion, our curiosity, our growth, and our connections. We want to tap into, and be guided by, the essence of who you are as an individual—and be a part of your journey of building a pathway of meaning.

social responsibility

As a program, we feel strongly that we have a responsibility—and, of course, a desire—to help our clients achieve the highest level of independence, recovery, and functionality they are capable of. By adhering to these pillars and engaging with clients in a clinical as well as a non-clinical setting, we seek to develop the well-being and dignity of the whole person.

Clients at Galen Hope are also expected to take responsibility for their own recovery, their own actions, and their relationships with others, including those they meet at Galen Hope. Through the creation of A Community for Integrated Wellness, clients are expected to positively contribute to one another’s growth and development as a means of enhancing their own.

As a member of our community, we will help you find direction through giving, and through truly caring about others and about our environment. Galen Hope engages in social justice and social policy activities as a course of treatment. You may find yourself building a garden, working at a local soup kitchen, or advocating at the legislature, all as a part of your own personal journey to health and well-being.

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