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Wondering if Galen Hope is appropriate for you or your loved one? Our admissions criteria are based on whether or not our treatment model will benefit a potential client.
Galen Hope
is not a “specialty” program where every client has the same diagnosis. While those programs can be extremely helpful, Galen Hope
a wide range of conditions, and we do not exclude anyone based on a single diagnosis. We recognize diversity and believe a synergistic effect occurs when
bring their unique perspectives together that leads to new understanding and growth.

We are particularly
attuned to:

  • Those who are stepping down from residential or hospital settings.
  • Those who have received residential treatment but found the care did not “stick” or translate into their home setting.
  • Those who can be safe when alone, and if not, are able to have care partners or family be alongside them during their treatment experience.
  • Those who have family or friends who are willing to remain involved, supportive, and/or reside with the client during their treatment.
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