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A community for Integrated Wellness in Miami, FL

The mission of Galen Hope is to
impact the lives of those who experience mental health conditions. We achieve this by providing attuned,
, and compassionate care in an environment that honors each person’s individual experiences and needs while simultaneously building a sense of
and belonging. Our goal is to build community and hope, while helping our clients discover their individual passions and manifest their innate potential.



Individuals with mental health conditions deserve a treatment program that respects their individual dignity, sovereignty as a person, and allows one to live in the community amongst family members and peers, pursue employment opportunities, and thrive in educational institutions.


Individuals struggling with their mental health deserve to be treated in the least restrictive environment possible, and one that gives them the opportunity to find fulfillment, peace, and joy!

When struggling with a mental health condition, asking the right questions and deciding where to seek help can feel like an overwhelming challenge. With so many treatment programs available, choosing the most clinically appropriate, reliable, and trustworthy program is a critical decision in your path to recovery. At Galen Hope, we work with your unique circumstances to build a holistic treatment plan that is self-affirming and attuned to your needs while building on your strengths, addressing vulnerabilities, and being challenging when necessary.

We are dedicated to providing a sanctuary to those in need. Our treatment methods are designed to be individualized and innovative and our clinical staff is prepared to guide you through this important stage and set you on a path of prosperity, vitality, and mental wellness. Galen Hope ignites the fire of hope by inviting each person to heal in their own very special way.

Galen Hope

The Galen Hope experience is unique in that the treatment milieu is comprised of other clients, staff at Galen Hope, and the community at large. It is the synergy of these three components that creates the backdrop for the sound clinical services and strong behavioral supports and expectations that lead to an unlocking of the mental illness and the unfolding of the healing process.

Galen Hope offers care for a variety of circumstances and takes pride in creating a protocol that makes sense for each individual. Some of the individuals Galen Hope is particularly attuned to are:

  • Those who may be stepping up or down from residential or hospital settings.
  • Those who have received residential treatment but found that the care did not “stick” or translate into their home setting.
  • Those who can be safe when alone, and if not, are able to have case managers or family be alongside them during their treatment experience.
  • Those who may have family or friends who are willing to remain involved, supportive, and/or reside with the client during their treatment.

Galen Hope founders Drs. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Amy Boyers share a philosophy of “leaving no stone unturned,” an ability to work with clients labelled as “treatment refractory,” and to create an intimate and trusting bond with those they treat. Dr. Oliver-Pyatt is known for her innovative, humane, and dignity-enhancing approach to care that is medically and psychiatrically thorough. Paired with Dr. Boyers’s wisdom, experience (in multiple modalities including somatic experiencing and other trauma therapies, FBT, CBT, DBT, and behavioral medicine), and training in evidence-based interventions and practical mindedness, it was fertile ground to create this newest venture, Galen Hope.

It is these clinical strengths that have led both to earn the respect and confidence of clinicians and clients in the Miami area, across the U.S., and internationally. Having the willingness to help clients navigate the complexity of their experiences while simultaneously finding hope and joy in the small victories is their passion and vision for all clients of Galen Hope.


Galen Hope is not just for those struggling with severe or chronic mental illness. Due to the individualized and flexible nature of our programming, we can accommodate clients with a variety of needs and presentations. Whether your current mental health symptoms are relatively new or you have been struggling with an issue for an extended period of time, we are prepared to adapt to your unique circumstance and create a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.

For clients struggling with Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, an Eating Disorder, a Mood Disorder, Trauma, or other forms of mental illness, finding a place in the world, forming connections, developing meaning and purpose in life, and having support in day-to-day life is vital to better outcomes, long-term health, and well-being.

A Community for
Integrated Wellness

This flagship program is the cornerstone of treatment at Galen Hope. Led by Galen Hope founders Drs. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Amy Boyers, our comprehensive care is customized to best attune to each client’s specific clinical needs. We work with a wide variety of psychiatric diagnoses, striving to provide the best available psychiatric and evidence-based treatments, individual therapy, vital group support and therapies, and highly individualized case management, so that clients can belong, heal, and grow within our community. Clients working with an outpatient team can enter A Community for Integrated Wellness as an adjunct to the care they are already receiving, or it may serve as a step down from a higher level of care at Galen Hope or elsewhere.

Every client will have a dedicated case manager to meet with throughout the week based on their specific areas of growth. For example, if you would like to get more into a routine of preparing meals, you may have one-on-one cooking experiences with your case manager in your home. If together we feel it’s best to have a more social experience, a small group may gather for a cooking and dining experience in a client home, at our program site, or out in the community. If you are struggling with executive functioning issues, and/or have a need for increased connections with others (often seen in Attention Deficit and other mental health conditions), our case management team will develop a protocol specific to you. Together we can build routines and conditions that optimize effective problem solving and improve functioning in activities of daily living, self care, and academic/vocational/social experiences.

Eating Disorder
Treatment Program

Treatment of eating disorders requires true expertise, principled approaches, ethical care, authenticity, and flexibility in order to maximally improve patient outcomes. Drs. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Amy Boyers have extensive expertise and experience treating eating disorders at every level of care. Together, they have created and implemented innovative and compassionate care to individuals of all ages, diagnoses, and symptom severity.

Galen Hope is particularly suited to those who traditionally do not “fit in” with the services provided by the majority of institutions and programs that currently treat eating disorders, or whose life circumstances require a more individualized approach than can be managed under their standardized protocols. These individuals include those with:

  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Primary OCD That impacts eating behavior
  • Children Under 14 with AN, BN, or BED
  • A history of treatment for eating disorders at the residential or outpatient level of care and have plateaued
  • A desire to experience treatment with individuals who have diagnoses other than eating disorders exclusively

Please feel free to contact Galen Hope so we can assess your unique circumstances. We will take great care in understanding your current status and needs. If for any reason Galen Hope is not the most appropriate setting for you at this time, we will do our best to guide you to one that is. Our goal at Galen Hope is to help lead any person experiencing an eating disorder toward hope, wellness, and inner peace.

Integrative Family-Based
Treatment Program

For families who prefer to treat their child’s eating disorder at home, Galen Hope offers Integrative Family-Based Treatment. FBT is an evidence-based treatment protocol that allows families to be fully responsible for the management and support of their child during the eating disorder treatment. Under the direction of Dr. Amy Boyers, a family receives weekly therapy sessions to coach them through the process and additional support to help them achieve their goals more easily and quickly. These support systems include groups for the child as deemed appropriate, multi-family groups, one-on-one parent coaching, group and private meal support, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy, nutrition therapy, and coordination of care with medical providers. Families are empowered to take an active role in their child’s recovery while also receiving ample support and guidance to alleviate fear and confusion during this time.

More About
Our Founders And
Eating Disorder

Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt has vast experience developing innovative treatment programs dating back to 2003 when she started Center for Hope of the Sierras. The Center was one of the first residential programs that provided highly individualized treatment, high frequency individual therapy, family therapy, and exposure therapies—and that was firmly grounded in principles which are now called Health at Every Size. In 2008, she started Oliver-Pyatt Centers in Miami, with an even greater vision of providing the full compendium of care to those who struggle with eating disorders. At that time, she met and collaborated with local eating disorders psychologist Dr. Amy Boyers. Together, Wendy and Amy began a meaningful and clinically creative relationship that has endured to this day.

Dr. Boyers played a pivotal role during her 10 years at Oliver-Pyatt Centers. She was the co-creator, alongside Dr. Oliver-Pyatt, of its successful “Family Fridays” program, as well as Clementine, the Eating Disorder Treatment Program for Adolescents, now operating out of Florida, New York, California, Oregon, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, and Georgia. Dr. Boyers provided clinical supervision to many employees, created their clinical training program that had student therapists from six local graduate programs, and oversaw the daily clinical responsibilities of Clementine and OPC’s Intensive Outpatient and Transitional Living Programs.


Our Intake Staff is not yet operating 24/7. Please reach out to us at 1-888-592-1817 or via the form below and we will respond within 24 hours. If you need to reach Dr. Oliver-Pyatt or Dr. Boyers more urgently, please feel free to call 786-743-4357.

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Galen Hope is now hiring our compassionate, passionate, diverse clinical treatment team, care partners, and administrative staff! Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us via the form above. You can attach your resume by selecting “Applying for a Position” under the “I’m interested in” drop down.

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