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For someone struggling with an Eating Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, a Mood Disorder, Trauma, or other forms of mental illness, finding a place in the world, forming connections, developing meaning and purpose in life, and having support in day-to-day life is vital to better outcomes, long-term health, and well-being.

Due to the individualized and flexible nature of our programming, we can accommodate clients with a variety of needs and presentations. Whether your current mental health symptoms are relatively new, or you have been struggling with an issue for an extended period of time, we are prepared to adapt to your unique circumstance and create a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Eating Disorder
Treatment Program

Treatment of eating disorders requires true expertise, principled approaches, ethical care, authenticity, and flexibility in order to maximally improve patient outcomes. Drs. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Amy Boyers have extensive expertise and experience treating eating disorders at every level of care. Together, they have created and implemented innovative and compassionate care to individuals of all ages, diagnoses, and symptom severity.

Galen Hope provides highly attuned, principled eating disorder treatment focused on helping each patient evolve into an anchored foundation in which their relationship with food is based on:

  • principles of mindful eating
  • self-awareness
  • self-compassion
  • personal empowerment in response to the diet-focused, weight-oppressive culture we find ourselves living in

We work with each patient to move toward internal regulation of food, mindful movement, and self-care in nourishment of body, mind, and spirit.

At Galen Hope, we strive to interrupt the progression of an eating disorder, to provide care sufficient to avoid the need for a higher level of care, or to assist patients who are stepping down from a higher level of care. We work with all forms of eating disorders and with people of all sizes, and we embrace the idea that self-compassion, mindfulness, and self-care are important foundations in the healing from the devastating impact of eating disorders.

Galen Hope is particularly suited to those who do not “fit in” with the traditional services provided by the majority of institutions and programs that currently treat eating disorders, or whose life circumstances require a more individualized approach than can be managed under their standardized protocols. These individuals include those with:

  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Primary OCD that impacts eating behavior
  • Children under 14 with AN, BN, or BED
  • A history of treatment for eating disorders at the residential or outpatient level of care and have plateaued
  • A desire to experience treatment with individuals who have diagnoses other than eating disorders exclusively

All eating disorder cases will be evaluated by the admissions department and the clinical team in order to determine whether our program is an appropriate setting for your care.

A Community for
Integrated Wellness

This program is the cornerstone of treatment at Galen Hope for clients with psychiatric diagnoses other than eating disorders. Led by Galen Hope founders Drs. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Amy Boyers, our comprehensive care is customized to best attune to each client’s specific clinical needs. We strive to provide the best available psychiatric and evidence-based treatments, individual therapy, vital group support and therapies, and highly individualized care partners, so that clients can belong, heal, and grow within our community. Clients working with an outpatient team can enter A Community for Integrated Wellness as an adjunct to the care they are already receiving, or it may serve as a step down from a higher level of care at Galen Hope or elsewhere.

Every client will have a dedicated care partners to meet with throughout the week based on their specific areas of growth. For example, this could include assisting with self-care practices, helping a client find a volunteer activity in the community, or working with them on ways to create more order and organization in their environment. If you are struggling with executive functioning issues, and/or have a need for increased connections with others (often seen in Attention Deficit and other mental health conditions), our care management team will develop a protocol specific to you. Together we can build routines and conditions that optimize effective problem solving and improve functioning in activities of daily living, self care, and academic/vocational/social experiences.

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